Friday, December 4, 2009

Critique - jump, fire, collapse

My 2 cents:

- I wouldn't add that camera move at the beginning of the last shot. It
happens right at the beginning of the shot and gets lost because it's
over so quickly. Either take it out or add a slower version of it. No
dealbreaker though.
- The dart seems odd. When you step frame through it you have a very
blurred frame pointing down, the a slightly less blurred one, then the
hit with no blur. And the spacing gets smaller as it approaches the arm.
Something a bit off. No dealbreaker except that blurry pointing down
first frame.
- anim wise the biggest thing to me is the guy's pose and expression in
the last shot. He feels a bit curious, surprised, but that's it. For
someone who's on the run I miss an intensity and urgency and even slight

Looking good!!

For more work of this animator, check out


.Louaye. said...

Aziz, this is freaking brilliant! Great job man!

Bernie Warman said...

Awesome!!!! WOw you changed a lot in this clip since the Expo. Looks so cool!

Jeffrey Lee said...

damn it aziz, when did you get so good?

Great critique JD. Keep em coming.