Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AM Tips and Tricks blog: What makes a good and honest animator

Check out the latest post by David Breaux over at

Great advise on how to grow as an animator:

Strive to do your best work, and remember it isn't your show/game. You are providing a service. If a director wants something, and you think it’s a bad decision or a problem, make it known to your supervisor or animation director, but don't fight it. If they elect to follow your opinion great, you’re a hero for pointing it out. If not don't latch on like a pit bull, leave it at that and do the best you can given the constraints. I think that makes a good honest animator: you are showing that you recognize issues, care about your work, and confront them head on, but are still a team player.

Head over there to read the whole thing!

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