Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Letter by Jamie Gallant

I'm always a big fan of masking an "exercise" shot. For instance, character sitting down. Sure, you could just focus on the mechanics and go through the motions. But it's more interesting if you give the character a reason, where the action in the shot is driven by a situation, emotions, so that the focus is not just on "sitting down".

Found this cool clip @ onanimation.com

The Letter from Jamie Gallant on Vimeo.


Phil Willis said...


Everyone's animation reel should have the standard physical shots: lift, run, push, climb, sit, stand, jump, walk, turn.

But as soon as you combine emotion and entertainment to the shot, you now have the recruiters attention.

Great example. Thanks for sharing.

Dapoon said...

Freaking awesome! It's like I could almost READ what was going on in his mind!! Very inspiring! I always love it when I see drawings coming to life. Thanks for sharing!