Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall 2010 Spungella 100 Frame Animation Contest

That's right everybody, let's do another contest!! This week we will narrow down the topics. So if you have any cool ideas, leave a comment!

As always, 100 frames, 1 week, $50 Amazon prize! Include a frame counter!

Let's do this thing!!

>> Looks like CTN is cutting into the time frame (there is ALWAYS something around screwing up the schedule, hahaha!)

So let's do Friday to Friday.

START: Friday, November 12th
END: Friday, November 19th

Flying School

Email me your clip (or link to your clip - quicktime preferred) end of day Friday.


gcastro3d said...

Neat. I've never entered your contests before. I'll have to set some time to do this. I need some new art books from amazon.com :)


Nico said...

I might be able to do one next week if our crunch doesn't keep rolling.

"Isolation" is my topic vote!

Sonia said...

Ideas - Game, transform

Unknown said...

Yay! Sounds great and I'm looking forward to it.

What about any of the following:

4secs to live

...and in last place...


I like Sonia's "Game" idea as well.

Bernie Warman said...

JD, CTN is gonna take 3 days of the contest week. :(
Can we start earlier?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

We could start Friday and end next Friday.

marcelloalvarez said...

Wow!!! this is aweme!! I can´t wait to see the new contest!!! of course i will be in :D

.Louaye. said...

This is from me , Eric, Hannah and Leigh. We narrowed it down to 6.

- Music
- Escape
- Hunt
- Support
- Switch
- Contact


Joey said...

My topic is "A'm alive~!!"

I won't be able to do this time, my final review is comming soon!

Good luck guys!

Bernie Warman said...

JD, you are the best! From friday to friday will be perfect!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Jirawat said...

Can we have another contest near Christmas or New year?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Near Christmas? I guess so, it all depends on how many people click on the site's ads. :)

Matt Johnson said...

Near Christmas? I guess so, it all depends on how many people click on the site's ads. :)
hahaha - guess we need to start clicking those ads.

Matt -

marcelloalvarez said...

such a great topic!!!
so excited to enter!!! I will post on my web, too :D :D :D LETS DO THE CONTEST!!!!