Saturday, September 12, 2009

Critique - Thief

That's much better! You're really guiding the eye now. What's still getting lost though is the part where his fingers are being pricked by those super small needles. I would make those much bigger or find another mechanism that makes it very clear what you're doing to this fingers.

You're next step is to work on the rhythm of the machines. The timing is a bit even for them and I feel you could spice it up. I recommend you watch Wall-E for good reference. Moments like when Eve is on earth for the first time, how the machine unfolds and opens up and releases Eve out of her shell is a good moment.

The guy is clear in his actions, so I would go to the next step and work on the poses and timing as well. For instance his left arm is in the same pose from the beginning until around x200. Or his left foot orientation is the same from around x160 on until he gets sucked in, etc.

For the first big vacuum thing I would also add little bits and pieces flying towards the sucker, so it's clear from the start that this thing is a vacuum and sucks everything in (I know a museum is supposed to be clean but you know what I mean... ;) ).


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