Saturday, September 12, 2009

Critique - Really Ugly

This might just be me and other people wouldn't mind, but the sound feels echo-y and like in a room, so the hear that and see it in this outside setting is a bit weird. But you could add little birds chirping in the background (not too loud) to make it more seamless. But again, that's just me.

What is weird (and probably still just me), is how the sound just cuts off at the end. Yet the animation continues. Whenever that happens it feels like the animation is added at the end (which it obviously is) and there's a weird break. Again, might just be me. But at least cut it after ugly, so there is no "ts" at the end.

Regarding the rest, it's clear that he talks to the other animals. Breaking the stick would be neat as well as him getting up and plumping down at the end. You can make it very child like and disappointed.

Looks all good, I'd keep going!

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