Monday, April 20, 2009

Mowgli by Milt Kahl

Wow. Watching this tells me loud and clear. I have SOOO MUCH to learn, holy moly. Thanks Chris Marshall for the tip!

Milt Kahl (Mowgli) from Victor Ens on Vimeo.


David Bernal said...


גיא ויצמן said...


Anonymous said...

jungle book came out like 40 years ago? i thought the animation in it would be outdated by now since things tend to get better with time :), wow...that's some beautiful work, a true master

Matt Ornstein said...

Amazing of course!

But it's got me thinking, if you were to try and recreate that in 3d... for example the butt shimmy he does at about 8-9 seconds in, that strikes me as particularly troublesome to animate in 3D, especially if you only had an FK spine? I guess the larger issue for us 3d artist is not only learning and understanding the animation lessons from the 2D masters, but then figuring out the 3D workflow to accomplish it. Of course those guys were incredible fine artists/draftsmen, something not necessarily required of a 3d animator, so I guess it all equals out. :P

Ok, I'll step off my rambling soap box now.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, it would be hard in 3D, but technically you could just pose it out, and do that for every frame, just like they did. :)

What a pain though, this shot is just sooo good.

Karaokero said...

OMG...that was great!!! thnx for post it!