Thursday, April 9, 2009

Disney Templates

Nothing new nor surprising (it's business after all), but this montage is very thorough:


Yavuz said...

you say it, it´s business after all and time is money ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Disney also used a lot of rotoscoping for their movies too. Like Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, so on. It's not really surprising alright and probably some of the easiest way to produce movies faster and cheaper.

I actually find Robin Hood one of the most entertaining movies from Disney, I really liked their character design (especially that rooster) despite a lot of the 'ripped off' animation from other movies. :)


Anonymous said...

wow.. thats somewhat depressing. Money saved or not.. just sorta shoots a hole in the disney "magic".

Not a huge hole but a hole nonetheless.

Vvek said...

that is so wrong !