Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving Memo - DSi flipbook app

From Kotaku:

Finally, we got a peek at Moving Memo, a flipbook-like application that, well, lets Nintendo DSi users create flipbook animations. It's a surprisingly user-friendly looking tool, with previous animation "cels" overlaying the current cel to give budding animators frame-to-frame reference.

Moving Memo also allows for music and sound effect additions, as well as the option to upload animations to a web site to share with other users. The potential for Moving Memo to showcase impressive works of animated art is exciting, not to mention a great community driven marketing tool for DSiWare's offerings.


[updated] On via Tim's post there's also a demo video to watch:

- pic source


Aleksandra said...

nice! picking up my dsi tonight:)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Cool, let us know if you try out the animation app.

Aleksandra said...

yeah i will, but i don't see it as available yet...