Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recommended posts

- Head over to Jeff's blog for "Imageworks... a conversation on demo reels". Copy/pasting this quote from the post, which is reason enough to race over there in order to read more goodies:

"My kryptonite is that I'm an impatient guy. So if I go to an animators website to look at their work and don't see a big button that says DEMO REEL, I'll search for about 15 seconds and then move on. Likewise if I can't get a demo to play on the site for some reason, I'll simply pass."

There's a lot of great info so make sure to check it out!

- The "Turok: Creature Reel" is back up and it's of course still amazing. You want to see good physical animation, watch that.

- Another post from the Flip blog is "Getting an animation job in games" with TONS of information. So if Games is your thing, don't miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link about demo reels. Important stuff.