Friday, December 12, 2008

Even more anim material

I know, I know, it's been a while since an actual critique or lecture posts, sorry! It's a busy time but I'll get back to it, promise! :)

Until then though I still want to point to all the awesome animation related material that's out there.

- The new Star Wars themed "Robot Chicken" episode is absolutely fantastic and the animation is unbelievable. The 11 second club points to a youtube clip on their forum. I have the tab open and the clip plays (must be saved cache), but on youtube itself it's gone (due to copyright problems). Maybe do a search for "Robot Chicken Boba Fett".

- Then we have the new Gobelins shorts, which you can see at Even though some of the stories are a bit weird (to me at least), the style of the clips are really cool. It would be neat to see that style in a feature with a good story.

- Animated-News got a link to the trailer for "$9.99", the stop-motion feature by Tatia Rosenthal.

- Check out the new 11secondclub winner Tim Granberg and the runner up "Call me Lou!" by Patrick. They're both well done and showcase what the skill level is out there.

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