Monday, December 8, 2008

Animation Mentor Newsletter - December 2008

The new AM newsletter for December 2008 is out! This time you get:

- Bill Melendez: A Storied Career Drawn From A Gift For Animation
- new AM Merchandise
- The Convergence of 2D and 3D Animation
- Jason Ryan Webinar
- short film: "Autonomy" by Brad Regier
- Mentor: David Vallone
- Student: Oyku Ak
- Words of Advice for the Temp & Rookie Animator - by Nick Bruno

The last article is great and has gems like these:

Take your critique like a man (or a very strong woman). To many animators think they take criticism well, but I see way too many people trying to explain themselves or getting defensive. Just take it with a smile. Feel free to brainstorm with them or to ask questions to clarify something, just don’t get defensive.

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