Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flash Rigging

I have no experience in Flash, but I got this link from Michael and it would be cool to get more of those. What do you guys recommend?

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Yavuz said...

thanks for that. very helpful!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I was sent this:

M. Proszowska said...

c'mon flash? :D Anime Studio or Toon Boom are probably more dedicated softwares for rigging characters. I was using flash for web banners, now for animation I'm using Anime Studio and there's no way that i would come back to flash xD

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I don't use anything Flash related, so if anybody has tutorials for other programs, chime in!

Sorry for ranting on your blog said...

Here's a tutorial:
Draw, a lot! It's all hard work.
I hate all this “new 2D program wars” nonsense. ToonBoom, AnimeStudio, Flash. In my honest opinion they can all be considered "crappy programs".
But when they're used by folks like James Lee or Adam Phillips (both two Aussies who I know personally) the results are quite amazing, but that's because it's what those artists bring to the program & the tools, their overall understanding & process of creating & animating things. In particular the years of dedication in forming a solid understanding of techniques that go beyond just a software package.
Personally I’m a purist… I dislike all this 2D rigging business simply because it’s undermining teaching students the proper fundamentals of 2D.
“2D” rigging, be it in After Effects, ToonBoom or good old Flash, it’s all just the frosting (a handy tool)… but drawing & planning is the actual cake itself.

The true trick is to become wise by learning every technique and process under the sun, then bring that wisdom to whatever program or means you have to create.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's essential to learn the fundamentals of animation to be a good animator. That goes without saying. Drawings skills are important for the 2D animator. However time is money and if a program has a tool to animate something faster, you should learn it. Being a purist is being non adaptive. Being non adaptive in this age of technology isn't the smartest idea.
I recommend the book "How to cheat in Adobe Flash" for learning some cool tricks in that program. I have the edition for CS5. It covers rigging.