Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Body Language and Acting

I was watching this abc7news segment and two things cracked me up.

1) Reporter Don Sanchez' way of talking, especially the "... others... frankly don't." part. Reporters, anchormen/women, etc. have such a typical way of talking.

2) The first person interviewed, the way she leaned away from the mic. It really doesn't look like she's comfortable with that mic in her face.

Anyway, just a little afternoon chuckle... move along. :)

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nahidworld said...

Body Language is a form of communication where a person’s mannerisms and composure communicates emotion and thoughts. The human body and its ability to communicate contain a vast amount of information ranging from a person’s confidence level to their interest in a person sexually. The roots of this tool come from built in instincts and human tribal experience.