Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five frames by Michael Carr

Head over to the whiskeypail-test blog and read through the workflow post (and his other posts as well). I'm all for a structured workflow and his approach sounds good.

Of course each shot will ask for workflow adjustments, but through my years of finishing shots or picking up shots by other people I definitely appreciate a "clean" scene. When you're done with your shot and you got a second, make sure to clean up your shot file in case someone else has to pick up your shot at a later date for whatever reason. You will make many people happy. :)


Anonymous said...

clean up your file? do you mean as he suggests, going through and keying on every 5th frame and deleting extras? or just removing unnecessary keys and using keys instead of weird tangent overshoots.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Both ways are valid, it all depends on the pipeline and how you are supposed to hand of shots.The least thing could a file where all the constraints are baked and saved a backup file with the constraints still in it. It's a huge time sucker to figure what is constrained to what and to figure out which controller or constraint counters which main controller, etc.
I know during crunch you just have to get the shot done and it's not always possible time wise to clean everything up. But if you can, why not?