Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alex Orrelle Animation Reel

Alex Orrelle was my teacher at the AAU's Pixar 3 class almost 8 year ago, along with Jimmy Hayward. That class was really cool.

found via Jorge's Twitter


Herman Gonzales said...

Wow that is a TUFF! reel. Memorable shots.. The intro whislin bird on Boundin he did? cooool. That asphalt skiing gopher is one of my faves too. It so great knowing who did what shots.

ak said...

Incredible!!! (Yeah, I said it, someone had to:)

The scene in the jet plane, in fact the whole sequence, has to be one of my all time favourite animated shots. Not only because of the outstanding quality of the animation, but I remember actually being genuinely concerned about the fate of the characters involved.

Alex Orrelle said...

JDH! Very cool of you to post this.
Hearing great things about you.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hahaha, thanks Alex!