Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Women - Critique

Nice rig mod and eye anim, thought I'd share my 2 cents and see what you guys think:

Looking good!

The only thing that stands out a bit is the move at the last "are". It's a bit
big and more of
a take, like she's surprised. Plus it's a bit big for the last move with her
hands out. I'd keep it quiet and subtle for the last "are" part. Maybe she can
lower herself as if she's really trying to look at the other girl's eyes, to get
her attention. Then she goes back to the last move. I think something like that
will work better contrast wise and be more in tune with the tone of the audio


Herman Gonzales said...

looks really cool and sincere. my crit, it should close the pose on " how we women are".

Hand powered Coffee said...

This looks great! My suggestion would be to keep the hands on the cup on the final shrug, have the shoulders do what they're doing, but drop the head a little. Well done.

Lukas Niklaus said...
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Alonso said...

who did this?

it's really strong. Main thing I think needs addressing is the right hand on the mug, coming in the first time. It feels a little magnety, snapping right to it. Just a frame or two more of touching then sliding (like sliding into the handle) would help, also a little bump in the mug, she's hitting it fast, it should be displaced a little.

The thumbs stand up a little akwardly.

I think the shrug is really beautiful, but I see JHD's point that a different choice might resonate slightly closer to the line (though depending on context the current choice may work find).

Jean-Denis Haas said...

@Alonso: The very talented Lisa Allen did that. Watch out for her, she's going places!

Thanks for the feedback!

Bernie Warman said...

OMG!!!! I met her once!!!!

She is AWESOME!!!! A little noisy, but looks like a good person.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hahahaha! Oh Bernie...