Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old lady - critique

> - In the beginning I have shown the old lady walking a little (Before she
> was just standing and not moving much).

The beginning is great!!! That added movement helps a lot, nicely done!!

> - I have given one more pass to the animation as I thought it to be a little
> jittery/ rough at some places.
> Wanted to know what you feel about the same and where I need to work on
> more?

The pink canister that she puts down pops into place on x61 (the background works much better like that than with all the textures).

The old lady eye blink on x346 feels mechanical. The closing movement is too slow.

Young girl. On the head turn at x87 she turns her head screen right and stops and only then the eyes catch up. For instance on x91 the head is done moving but the eyes are looking left and a bit down, then she moves the head screen left and the eyes finally look at the old lady. I would have her look at her when the head is done turning to the right, so move the eyes faster over there, during the head turn. She can still look at the old lady for a two frames or so, then you have the look back to the left and close her eyes and we see just as the eyes close how the eyes go screen left as well, then you leave what you have going into x100 and on.

When she laughs (young girl), keep the hand like it is on x204, so that there is a visual gap between the index finger and the nose. Right now the hand keeps going up and from x205 to 208 it looks like the finger is going up her nose. So if you keep that exact gab, it will also help the hand from not looking too spliney.

When she moves her hand/arm away from x211 to 214, I would do more in the arm than in the wrist. Look at x214, that wrist looks broken and really bent screen left. Maybe you have some weird translate keys as well? Look at x221, her hand looks like it's disconnected at the wrist part.

Add a nicer finger curl around the x324 part on the screen left hand. They fingers look too L shaped. After the hand switch, leave the hand poses like it's on x368. If you go further than that, to x371 for instance, the screen left hand's pinky looks like it's going through the other wrist.

Hope that helps!


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