Sunday, April 18, 2010

Critique - Slide and push-up

First, the push up:

- it looks great! The only thing that stands out a bit, are the feet. The roll in a bit late, way after he goes down. You can start that earlier and ease more into that change, so it feels like the feet are reacting to all the leg changes. Then you can offset the foot roll by a frame or two.

The girl:

The first clip is definitely more layout style, which is good for overall ideas, camera orientation for framing and the time it will take her to do everything.

The blocking_more is quite longer but works given her actions. You could break it up with different camera angles, but for now I'd concentrate on separate moments.

Running up to the ladder is definitely one, then getting up there another one. Just don't forget the emotion behind all the movements. Is she happy? Happy clumsy? Happy experienced?

Does that make sense?

For the run, you could break it up and not have her just run in straight, but she could enter frame walking backwards, waving to her parents and then turning around to the slide. It would break it up nicely and when she's up there, sitting, she could give another look to her parents right before she goes. Kids love an audience, so you could bring that aspect in.

Hope that helps!



Francis Jasmin said...

Interesting critique ;)

May I know from where these animation come from, from one of the animation that your are giving ?

Francis Jasmin said...

animation ...... class

Oups ;p

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yep, some of the clips I post here, like this one, are shots that we talk about in my workshops.