Friday, October 2, 2009

Keith Lango's Youtube Channel with Tutorials

I was reading through Keith Lango's post What is content and what is its value? - Part 2 and sadly towards the end he mentions that his video tutorials are showing up on file sharing services and that his business has suffered because of that, to the point where he has to look at other means to support his family.

Come on guys. Pirating his animation tutorials? Really? It's not like it costs $6000. I understand that you can't afford much as a student, but stealing from a guy who wants to help? That's really low. I hope that whoever does that is going to produce a wonderfully animated movie and that people will pirate it as well. There. I said it. Stuff like that drives me nuts. That's like using a cracked copy of Quicktime Pro. Really? Can't afford $30? Really?

Grumpy day. I watched the 100 Greatest Youtube hits in 4 Minutes and sadly I knew a lot of them (but where's Chocolate Rain?). One I didn't know was the first clip with a girl called Boxxy. Going through comments about the clips I got to The Boxxy Story and it's just sad what people do to other people nowadays. Especially using the web's anonymity.

Anyway. Enough NAR stuff.

Keith has now opened up a Youtube channel (yay!) and on it you will find tutorial videos which I highly recommend. I learned a lot from his written tutorials while I was a student and he deserves support for his efforts.


Herman Gonzales said...

Keith Lango Rock's!!!!!! I'd be lost in Animation without him. He has helped so much in the Ani- community, Taking the time to put up free tutorials on his site as well. hope they catch those pirates..

Hammy said...

That really stinks... :(

Unknown said...

This is awful. We can help, though. If we see content of his that we believe was not posted by him, we can alert him or at least flag it for removal.

Anonymous said...

Piracy is a sad fact of reality :( but if you believe in Karma these no gooders are sure to face there comeupance! :)