Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sergio Pablos rough animation of Doppler

Think what you want about the movie, but the animation is great!

Sergio Pablos rough animation of Doppler from Haylee Herrick on Vimeo.


Yavuz said...

is there an alternative to look that in quicktime?

thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Hey Yavuz

If you have a vimeo account you can log in and download the quicktme version, i just did that, linkt is at the bottom on the right

pako bagur said...

That acting choice at 1:20 is pure gold!

thanks for posting this!!

Yavuz said...

hey anonymous, thank you very much for that tip.

myung said...

what a draftmanship! this is pretty awesome. ive always loved roughs more than after it gets cleaned up and painted. thanks for sharing!