Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What would JD do? - End of Semester Spring '09

[updated] Thanks Fu-Ling and Erik for the pictures!!


Here we are. Another semester just flew by.

And another group of fantastic students is moving on. Yesterday evening they surprised me with a goodbye present which blew my mind. It was so unexpected, so funny, so well done, you guys just rule! The way it was presented was absolutely priceless. Thanks to everybody involved!

It's always sad to end a semester and yesterday sure wasn't easy. At least I'll see some of you in class again. For those who graduate, good luck and all the best!!

So what would JD do? The pictures will tell you. :)

Au revoir!

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Hammy said...

I wish I was there to contribute too! You definitely deserved it JD! :) We students are always grateful for your awesomeness and your dedicated teaching.

Bernie Warman said...

Hey JD,

Yesterday was really cool.

I just have one question now...

What would I do?

FuLingAround said...

Ooooops. I just sent you one group photo! More will be coming by Friday, I promise!! =)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hahaha, no worries Fu-Ling. Gotta keep teasing even after class!!

wat said...

Cool shirt!

we'll miss you,JD :D

Hammy said...

Oh man that's awesome!! You guys have it all!!! If those T-shirts are ever on sale, let me know. Haha! I would definitely want one.

FuLingAround said...

Ahaha, yep, that group photo is a teaser. It looks like Erik did the job for me~ I think I'll post the photos on flickr, and you could download the original files from that! =)

Meower said...

Kaka~(so random, haha)
We will miss you a lot!!
Thanks for the awesome semester.
We will think about what you would do all the time. ^____^

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Wat/Meower: I'm not gone yet!! :)

Meower said...

I know, I will go bothering you around sometimes during summer semester :P

jeff said...

that's great! Love to see that morale at the academy!

minomiyabi (ミノミヤビ) said...

awesome! thx for the mail FuLing!

i got another awesomeness JD,
i saw ur huge name on the credit of StarTrek - IMAX makes it huger!

guys who watch it, just stay until the end, he shows up a bit late at Animator section B)