Sunday, May 3, 2009

Critique - Scared of failing

Looking better and better! Definitely start to offset keys, add smoother transitions between poses, more mouth shapes, all that jazz. Here a few areas I'd look out for:

Guy on the left:
- change the timing a bit of how the ring box is closing, it's a bit linear. Those type of boxes have a very strong spring in it, so it's going to take some force to make it close, but it's going, it will snap shut
- slow down the hand that puts the box on the table around x79, right now it's too fast, I would ease out of that holding pose more. I would also work on the timing of how he pulls his hand back to his other hand, the arc is very flat, the hand locks once it's back on x98
- the fingers moves at the need the same sort of attention, make them less pose to pose, vary the timing, etc.

Guy on the right:
- watch out for fast movements or sudden stops that kill the weight and believability of the character, for instance the sudden upper body stop around x23 as he leans forward, same deal around x98 and especially the sudden hand stop on x130
- I would subtle head accents during "... as an excuse..", little ones though
- the transitions between eyebrow pose changes feel a bit soft in places, a bit slow, for instance during the x35ish area
- like you said, do another pass on the lipsync and mouth shapes; generally it's there, just focus on certain snappier parts and accents, but it's working well already

Hope that helps!

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