Thursday, May 5, 2011

8 Sessions available for Summer Workshops!

Hey all,

there have been a lot of requests for 8 sessions in Summer (once a week) instead of 16 (twice a week).

So from now on you have the option to do once or twice a week, both for online and on-site workshops.

As a reminder for the online workshops, each session guarantees a designated feedback day. Any additional feedback requests outside of the designated days can not always get addressed immediately due to time constraints (like the on-site workshops, job, etc.). So if you're super busy and need a lot of feedback, 16 sessions are still an option.

And of course, half the sessions means half the price! :)

8 sessions (8 weeks) on-site: $400
8 sessions (8 weeks) online: $250


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Ting!!!!! said...

This is Awesome JD, Thanks so much