Saturday, August 25, 2018

THANK YOU and submit your QUESTIONS!

I want to thank everybody who watches my clips! Crazy town that I passed 2000 subscribers! I really appreciate all the interest!

 Now that I've covered a lot of the "pre-production" (as I loosely call this) aspect of animation, focusing on ideas, planning, approach, references, etc. it's time to move towards the middle block, namely "production". In the upcoming weeks and months I'm going to talk about blocking, workflows, tool tips, animation tips, show demos, share files, and so on! After that we will take a look at "post-production", which will cover rendering, presentation, sound, music, demo reel, dos and don'ts and much more.


 Now is the time to ask questions! Is there anything you want me to cover? Anything I missed? Anything for future FNAs? I have a long list on my end but I want to make sure that your questions are answered! Thanks again for watching!!


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