Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New How To Train Your Dragon 2 footage and mocap

Wait, they have a mocap stage? I thought Mocap is the devil??

Can't hide my fanboy hat though, I'm so looking forward to Dragons 2!!!

Watch the clip here which shows new footage (I think?) of Dragons 2.


Unknown said...

I was told it was for previz purposes, waiting to hear what the official word is

Christoffer said...

It is for previs. They have done this a for some time. In one of the interviews over at speakingofanimation, they discuss this.
The leads (they have character leads) goes together, and can act out the scenes, with the director. Gives them a great way to work through the film, before animating.

I guess kinda like rehersals you do with actors? To work out who looks/goes where. And where do we point the camera.

And then of course, why not capture it and use it in layout.
Makes perfect sense. Especially on projects like Dragon and Guardians.