Thursday, April 5, 2012

Question about the Norman rig

Can anybody help him out?


First I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Norman tutorial on Animation Buffet. The Cloth section was especially helpful. Using the Wrap Deformer worked perfectly. It allowed me to use all the controllers of the rig and have the clothing follow. However, I did run into one problem. When i tried to scale the character using the scale controller the clothing didn't follow perfectly. Is there anything you could suggest to fix this?

Thank you,

Justin Petrick


Romit Dodhia said...

The pivot points of the cloth and the controller you are trying to scale should be at the same place, i think this should work out!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

From Kenny Roy:

Scale your character first, then apply the wrap. The wrap deformer does not use scale information, it uses translation information from the nearby verts and edges. So when you scale, and EVERY piece of the geo is moving, the deformer has a hard time figure out what to do with that. So scale your character, scale you cloth to fit, THEN wrap. It's easiest if your character and the cloth have the same pivot. Select the cloth and hold down D to move the pivot to the character's pivot point.

Justin Petrick said...

Thanks guys! Ill be sure to try this when I get a chance. Do you guys think this is the best option to attach clothing or is there a different method?

P.s. Can't wait to see the Little Painter go into production. I got my confirmation backing email about my kickstarter pledge! So glad I could help!