Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workflow by Jim Levasseur

Head over to Jim's site and check out his 8 page workflow dissection. Thanks for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but this animation is not qualified to be posted here at this awesome blog.
Workflow seems to be a forced post just to divert web traffic on to Jim's website. No doubt the person is much capable, should produce an outstanding piece of work before posting WORKFLOW.
I do not find anything informative as, there already exist great workflows on web.
Ohh GOD criticism !

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Thanks for liking the blog, but that's harsh. I like the shot and he took time to write up his workflow and share it with people. I don't see how that is a negative.
I don't think he wrote it just for traffic, but you'd have to talk to him about that.

jim said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry you didn't like the shot!

I'll be the first to admit that it's not the high watermark for CG animation, but that said, the shot has received much positive feedback from other animators, including peers at studios like Blizzard and DreamWorks.

As for the workflow article itself, my site has no ads and there is no point in driving traffic to a site that would otherwise be empty. It's hard to identify any tangible benefits from spending 30-40 hours writing, editing, and designing a free resource.

My main goal was to talk about developing a character through movement, a topic rarely (if ever) covered in workflow articles. Most people focus on using Maya, setting keys, and going from blocking to spline. These are important, but once you understand the technical basics then animation becomes about acting and making decisions that create convincing, entertaining characters. One can only read chapter 15 of "The Illusion of Life" so many times.

If you have suggestions for improving the article or constructive criticism on the shot itself, I'm always open to feedback.


DanZettl said...

Wow, Jim thanks for taking time to write up the workflow. Your breakdown is not only inspiring but also very informative. I had to tweet your workflow (thanks to Jean-Denis!) pulling lots of insight from it, cheers!