Friday, March 4, 2011

ILM Gets Down and Dirty on Rango

More Rango news and interviews are out and there's a cool article at AWN and an interview with animation director Hal Hickel at I usually don't pose work related stuff on here but Rango is kind of a historic moment for us (regardless if the movie is good or bad) and we're all really proud of the work we've done.
For us animators it was especially cool to be able to flex our keyframe muscles and work on a fully non-mocap movie. The critics seem to like it, let's hope the general audience does too!


Sonia said...

Informative interview! I saw the movie on Friday - it was awesome! I really like the surrealism, the lighting, textures, asymmetric character designs. The animation ofcourse is very nice! The story was interesting. The editing/montage of shots in flashback was very impressive too! I wasn't sure if kids would enjoy this movie because of the non-sugary experimental look of the film, but I saw a some kids in the theater who were enjoying the movie like everyone else!

Congratulations :)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

That's awesome to hear, thanks a lot!

Skellybobbly said...


Saw Rango yesterday. Awesome film! I hope everyone at ILM is proud of the film, you all deserve to be.

Adults and kids alike were all loving it in the cinema.

On top of that how often do you get a chance to take your kids to see a great western!

Looking forward to more animated features from ILM.

Keep up the good work.


Ted Lister said...

Luckily Rango came out the same day in the UK. Really enjoyed it and felt really inspired leaving it. I loved the "walk cycle" of Rattlesnake Jake by the way. I'm going again tonight with a lighter friend from work. Congrats to all you guys at ILM! I hope you get to do more projects like Rango

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Thanks!! And me too!