Sunday, March 13, 2011

February 11 second club winner

Check out the new 11 second club winner, Veerapatra Jinanavin!

I really like the whole package of this entry. The animation is great, ranging from close up subtle facial work to full body physical shots. I like the camera angles and the subtle handheld-y feel to it. The rendering is great too.
If I'd be picky, I'd work on the lipsync a bit more and have the alien guy not look like a mix between Megamind and Airbender, only so that there is no association with an existing product.
But overall it's really cool and the animator shows a wide range of skills within 11 seconds. Congratulations!


wat said...

awesome! Keko Keko

Veerapatra Jinanavin(Tun) said...

Thank you very much JD :)

Veerapatra Jinanavin(Tun)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Sure thing! Awesome clip!

Dapoon said...

Yep I really loved this. Had always admired his work (esp in the short "The virgin Voyage"). Very well deserved win! :)