Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you SOS/SO Workshop takers!!

As the on-site workshops continue and the online workshops are about to start, I have to stop and thank everybody who is participating. Thank you for making this so much fun! Thank you for inspiring me with your awesome work! Thank you for paying someone you barely or even don't know at all! You guys put a lot of trust in me and I'm going to do my best to earn that trust!


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Hammy said...

Aww, JD! Thank YOU for being AWESOME. :) We wouldn't just trust you if you weren't awesome to begin with. Haha.

Thank you for enlightening us and also constantly helping us learn and grow as animators. I wouldn't have had my project at where it's at without your gracious guidance as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the workshops too! I always look forward to the next one to meet up again!!

Rico said...

Looking forward to be in your first online class! It can't come sooner. Cheers.

Joey said...

I hope I can show you my another great actingreference,someday..LOLOLO


Herman Gonzales said...

Too bad your classes are up north, I'd take it if it was local. Much appreciate your constant blog updates and info still, these are worth more than gold.

Bernie Warman said...

Jean-Denis Kenobi,

OBRIGADO to you, my dear Jedi Master!

Just like Daniel Larusso, YOU ARE THE BEST! Your knowledge of animation/movies/dogs make every single critique a gold piece. Nothing escapes your eagle eyes. Plus, you are the only guy I know that can make fun of an exercise without offending the artist.

So, thank YOU! And let your workshops continue for a long time.

If you are reading this, and is thinking about getting some good advice in profetional animtion, JD is your man!


SEB said...

Thank you JD :].