Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fox anim - Brecht Debaene

The fox looks awesome! There's a very nice fluidity to it and the little hesitations are great. There's really nothing major to critique, so I'm going to nitpick! :)

The entrance is great. Just watch out for little spacing pops and sudden burst after during the stop and as it starts walking again. For instance: the screen right back leg moves forward on 1:14 to to 1:19. That move of the leg feels a bit isolated since nothing in the hip area seems to be affected by it. The stop on 1:19 is also rather harsh, I would ease into that stop a bit more. You have another move with the other back leg around 2:01, but that one feels softer and settles more. So try it like that.

That screen left leg moves very quickly at 2:15. It's a tad too fast and it's missing the weight, as it would take a little bit of time and effort for the fox to lift the leg (I'm just talking about 2 or so frames easing out of that held position into the step).

Watch the arc as you track the tip of its nose during the screen right move, stopping at 1:22. You start an underarc but then it hits an invisible wall and moves screen left. I would finish that arc and curve up into the resting pose. Nothing huge, just take that sharpness away.

That little stop on the edge of the stone block is great! Love the detail with the paws and the overall timing!

After that, on the way down, track the overall head shape after 3:16. There are some spacing hiccups as the head visually moves to the right through space. There's also a body speed surge that happens around the 3:21 area. It's subtle but I still feel it. It would be good to soften that part so that the body doesn't advance so quickly so suddenly.

I think the tail could have some more complexity from 5:11 until the end, so it just doesn't stay so straight and locked during that section.

And even pickier. Do you have any controls over toes? If yes, it would be neat to get some foot splay during the close-ups, when the paw comes down and pushes off for some subtle squashing and weight accents.

Again, picky stuff, it's overall really really cool and I love how the fox sticks out color wise against the back drop.

Do you mind if I post this clip on I'm sure a lot of people would love to see something that well done. If not, no worries of course.



Brendan Body said...

Love it. Awesome work Brecht!

Addy said...

yea very fluid movement and cool model too!

WalkWithMe said...

Brecht: never failing to amaze since... gosh, too long!