Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three Days - by Allison Rutland

Head over to allisonrutland.com and watch the awesome clip Three Days. As @Aziz pointed out (he knows me so well :) ) I love it! The animation is great, the acting is nice and subtle, the audio clip is not the typical over the top delivery, it's nuanced and has moments of silence, etc. So good!


Luke Burnet said...

Omg :) so smooooth and this acting ... cool.

Pablo Vargas said...

the animation is so great.. subtle.. splinny... and physically, just great!... but I think it lacks a bit of cartooniness, pushing poses and snappy timing... i know it's subtle and less is more.. but if this clip would be a mocap file and just facial animation handkeyed... i wouldn't have noticed the difference... is that we are looking for in animation nowadays? to follow every nuance in our video reference and reproduce them perfectly on the computer?... anyways it's just a thought... it is awesome animation still! :)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I think the animation fits the style of the rigs, but that's just my preference. I could see this being rendered according to today's feature standards, which is pretty real, so if the environment is so real, the anim should fit the style. The anim style has to support the character design and vice versa.

Plus given the serious note of the audio clip, more snappy timing would stand out in a bad way to me. But you could simplify it more. You can go with even less as opposed to more.