Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nerd Alert: Pixar's "Up" Soundtrack and Sound Design

I got the fantastic score by Michael Giacchino for Up and the last three tracks feature the sound design by Skywalker Sound: Carl's Maiden Voyage, Muntz's Dark Reverie and Meet Kevin In The Jungle. Here an article about the sound work @ designingsound.com

"UP" Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

(Was that clip on the Up Blu-ray/DVD? - Great to hear the sound of Kevin only. At 2:41, when Kevin hits Carl, his voice is heard and distorted through the beak of the bird, awesome!)

To have those three tracks is very nerdy and a welcome surprise. I know, most people won't care, but if I had to choose something else than animation, then it would be sound design. Remember back in the day when you could listen to the sound design track on Pixar movies? I think A Bug's Life was the last DVD that had this feature. Anyone know? I remember missing it on Finding Nemo for sure. Aahhh... the good old days. :)


Vvek said...

the dvd which came-in packaged with the monsters inc bluray - has the option to listen to audio without dialogues.

ive had the monstes inc dvd before this release & i doubt it has the same feature. also the new dvd lets you choose between fulscreen and widescreen.

and i ll have to do a double check on UP about the audio and get back on that.

Vvek said...

neither the UP bluray or dvd have the 'effects only' dountrack option.

nor does the monsters inc bluray, just the dvd that comes packaged with it.

another quick fact : monsters inc was originally shipped with the regular end credits, 2 weeks into the release, pixar sent a replacement can for the end credits with the bloopers on it. from what ive heard, some prjectionists bothered, some didnt. and most foreign countries got the blooper reel thanks to delayed releases

the dvd contains the blooper reel credits, while the bluray maintains its original release form.