Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Critique - That's so cool!

First thing that I haven't and should have mentioned (unless it's new). The screen right arm holding the joypad swinging down on x172 to 176 is super fast. Add at least two frames to it (he's more letting it drop as opposed to this fast push/move down), don't have it stop so sharply (it's resting on a comfy couch, so it's going to be soft), and add more of an arc to it, it's fairly straight in it's arc right now.

The chop movement should still be faster, don't be affraid to push it!

The end head move is better ("That is so cool!"), but I would push it more as well. What could help is this: on x171 he's about to rest the back and the head on the couch. In order to get rid of that stiff feeling, just rotate the lower neck back clockwise and the head counterclockwise forward, so it feels like the head is pushing against the couch and bending because of it. Right now he falls back and feels rigid throughout. By doing that head change you would push the overall C curve of the body.
That's just a suggestion. You can also move the head more screen right so it falls back more. It would just love to see something more complex movement wise as he falls back.

Hope that helps!


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Michael Mahy said...

I like it alot. I would just add some more power to the elbow punch on Boom. Maybe a little bit more turn on the anticipation and faster to the boom. Maybe add a small secundaryfinger action when the hand opens.

Looks very, very nice.

Marcos Borba said...

Hey JD. I think it would be nice, despite of the critique, if you could put the students site link (if they have) so we can follow they´re animation process!!


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hey Marcos, that's such an obviously great idea, I feel like an idiot for not having thought of that. I'll put the links up (if they have a site) from now on. Thanks!!

.Louaye. said...

"That was SOO COOOL!"