Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Animtip on Twitter

Yes yes, I'm using Twitter now.... *cough*Hypocrite*cough* and I have to admit that there are some good aspects about it. :)

Someone (who was it?) launched Animtip Tuesday (although I'm sure the tips will keep coming in on other days).

In theory every Tuesday animators put up their animation tips. Or tweet them (I hate that word, right next to blogosphere). There is already a really cool collection of animation tips available and that's just after one day.

So yes. Twitter: 1. JD: 0.


Jude said...

It was the man himself, Clay Kaytis @AnimPodcast
It's turning out to be a great pooling of animation knowledge!
Glad you came around to the idea of Twitter. I think everyone is sceptical until they find their purpose for it!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Ah sweet, thanks for the info Jude!

The thing to me was that Twitter isn't that new, but only now it's a huge thing, so that sudden hoopla left me cold. Plus tweets like "I dropped my pencil." are just annoying. Of course now I'm totally tempted to write stuff like that. :)

Hammy said...

I absolutely love checking Cameron Fielding's animation tip thing on his blog as well, there's a lot of great tip there enough to keep me going. My wall is running out of space from pasting these tips all over..