Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Critique - Angry Walk

Alright, the walk:

It still looks great! I see you tweaked the hips and even though I was hoping to see more hip up/down, I know that it's difficult to see with those shapes. It still works though the way you have it.
Did you tweak the thumb on his left hand? Still feels a bit wimpy with the thumb on top, give it another shot to create a nice looking fist (bring the thumb down to the side).
I like how you tweaked the feet during the passing poses, nice!
There's something funky going on with his left foot. Was that already there when you showed it in class? Sorry if I missed that. Look at x1 to x4. The foot doesn't travel back at all, it just sticks there, which doesn't work for a cycle. The other foot is correct though, so make sure it works for both.
During the plants on x1 and x14 it would be nice to get a tiny little head wobble/rotate down movement, to feel the impact and weight. No huge overlap, just a sign that the steps impact the head.
Last thing, keep a subtle body/root Y up movement after x8 to x12, as well as from x20 to x24. Right now the body goes up and then stops the up movement a bit too quickly and then stays in that position during the above mentioned range. Make that transition a bit smoother, don't flatten your Y curve too quickly.

Nice job!

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