Friday, December 11, 2020

100 Frame Animation Topic: Pain or Awkward Moment - Fall 2020 Contest

100 Frames. 1 Week. Prize: $100 or 3 Workshop critiques from me! AND $100 or 3 Critiques from Agora.Community Thanks to Agora for teaming up! 

 Again we have TWO topics you can choose from: PAIN or AWKWARD MOMENT! 

 Contest starts now, December 11th and ends December 18th (end of day San Francisco time). Email me your submissions (either added to the email or a link to a download option) to: 

 contest (at) spungella (dot) com 

 Make sure that you include your full name in the email. Any animation technique (3D, 2D, Stop-Motion, etc.), submit a 1080p resolution clip at 24fps (so we’re all on the same page about the 100 frame total), with or without sound/music, up to you. 

 Be respectful to others with the content of your animation.

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