Saturday, October 6, 2018

Animation Blocking - Cheat Sheet - part 2

How to block out your animation, how to plan your animation blocking, what to avoid, what IS animation blocking, all these questions are the basis of this new series and a topic that's really important for new animation students. Part 2 gives you an animation checklist of the most important items you should be able to cross off before you show your first blocking pass to whoever needs to see it. This animation cheat sheet, as I like to call it, looks like this: PREP - plan your animation - test your rig - create a pose library QUICK CHECK - act out your playblast - use sound as reference WORKFLOW - make a list of notes - do a technical & visual proof-watch: *pops & arcs * body mechanics * silhouette * mirror shot * work in chunks * don’t loop shots (except for fixes) * avoid repetition (pose & timing) BONUS: - rotoscope your reference There you go! The next upload is going to take a look at each of these items in detail.

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