Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jorge E. Ruiz Cano Reel Spring '14

He's improved so much! Nice work! "Tough road!" :)

Jorge E. Ruiz Cano Reel spring '14 from Jorge Ruiz on Vimeo.


Jorge Ruiz said...

"..Rocky road... :)

JD! THank you so much for sharing my work.
Mannnnnn i am so glad people are enjoying what i do.. !

You were the first to show me what animation was REALLYYYY about(what?! you have to do this? QUE!? you need to move that? SAy whaaa you have to watch for those? AH?! not good enough?!) haha
That mentorship my friend... was precious... much appreciated .

" What would JD do?! " :) hahaha

Jean-Denis Haas said...

That was a great class, so much fun! You've grown so much! That first shot already, so good! I think it's time that you do workshops and I will take them!!