Thursday, May 30, 2013

100 Frame Animation Contest "Dangerous Job" - Winner

Absolutely epic voting this time!

Usually I show the selection to a few people at work and we all vote. But we ended up with three ties! So one by one I asked more animators via email and Twitter AROUND THE WORLD! Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuh! It was truly epic. Each new round had new favorites, then more ties, etc. etc.

But eventually, a winner rose to the top! And it's:

#25 Ryan Zale!!!

The epic tie was between #5 Lana Bachynski, #7 Teemu Kutvonen (my favorite), #13 Andriy Muzychenko and #25 Ryan Zale.

But I want to acknowledge the runner ups:

#9 Kyle Kenworthy, #14 Jonathan Marshall, #15 Kyle Remus, #3 Charles Larrieu

Awesome work guys!

And the WTF mention goes to: #20 Rene Salazar!!

And the "Well done but disturbing" prize goes to: #8 Dhaval Soni

Thanks for all submissions!!


Anonymous said...

The 20th one definitely got me going wtf.... O___O

Jean-Denis Haas said...


Unknown said...

Haahahah well done but disturbing! Ahahahah
I agree. Good job guys!

Aaron Ludwig said...

What a fun challenge. Wish I woulda joined in!

ERQ said...

Slappa the babby, slappa the babby!

Herman Gonzales said...

YAy! congrats 24. That was some good training to get done with a deadline and a few frames. So tricky to not put too much.

Dapoon said...

The chef one was pretty neat. Fit the gag really well in 100 frames!