Friday, December 2, 2011

Reel making tips

Funny and true list of things to consider when building your reel, found via the 11secondclub blog. Head over there for the full list:

5. This is the most important thing in this list. Everything you ever animate, ever, needs to be entertaining. If it's not, stop what you are doing, right away. Unless you are learning a principle, or its a school lesson, STOP NOW. Or unless you are entering some odd film competition, that 95 ppl out of 100 would want to punch you and the films watched in the face. STOP. If you don't know what's entertaining, or how to make a shot entertaining, STOP, ask everyone you know to look at your work and what you can do to inject entertainment into it. If you still don't know, STOP, watch every movie you can. If you still don't, STOP, rethink your career. All humans watch t.v, cartoons, movies and play video games with one purpose and only one purpose, TO BE ENTERTAINED.


Joey said...

Nice article!!!!
Stop!!!! I like it!
I think this article is kind of entertaining to me somehow. :)

Joshua Slice said...

"1. Studios are only interested in making piles of money, period."


DanZettl said...

so pure, so right!