Thursday, September 29, 2011

youanimator community

Head over to and check out what they're offering! Here some info about it:

What is YouAnimator?
YouAnimator is a place to showcase your demo-reel or short animation! Stop sending your demos to studios to add to their pile of CDs and video tapes. If you are an aspiring animator – eager to be discovered, this is your page. Our goal is to create a central site on which the world’s best character animators can show off their demo reels – and be discovered – may they be in India, Argentina, Norway, Iceland, the US or any place in the world.

What’s YouAnimator’s purpose?
Our purpose is to help you achieve your dreams as an animator actor: to be discovered as a character animator. Here you can create your own portfolio page – and send its URL to friends and collegues and companies. YouAnimator is also a site where you can learn from each other and each other’s work. There is a LEARNING menu button that will take you to the SWEATBOX – page. The Sweatbox is where your work-in-progress can be critiqued by others. And we’ll give you some tools to practice your trade. We’ve uploaded a few animatable character rigs (under DOWNLOAD) that you can use to create short animations with.

They also offer two rigs and multiple sets for download!

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