Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shocked face reference

Saw this via @daraand


BlurFrame said...

Thanks for this clip Jean-Denis. Its so interesting to see how quickly she realises that he is about to fall. As her attention is heightened in expectation of a proposal, her reaction is almost instant. I wonder if she would have reacted so fast otherwise. In animation, I guess, we could play with the anticipation a bit and extend it, maybe. Currently, I am trying to learn the differences between real people and toons, how to adapt real motion to a character...This clip is really good to study...The stretch in her face is also so extreme !!

yatin said...

OH man what was that.... CRAZY GUY..!!LOL

Anyways Thanx for great ref to u and that crazy guy too :D

Anonymous said...

is this an ad for the water they are all drinking? it is alwaus suprisingly facing the camera!
either way (even if she is acting) its an amazing reference

Unknown said...

Artistically it's good, but sometimes things go dangerous. There is a life apart from profession, a girl died in a prank which her husband was shooting just for fun. Am not in favour of such realistic referencing. No hard feeling, just putting my view.