Friday, April 22, 2011

Cool reference camera - Kodak PlaySport

Product Features

* Waterproof up to 10 ft. (3 m)
* Full 1080p HD video
* Electronic image stabilization
* Brilliant 2.0 in. color display
* Capture 5 megapixel HD stills (16:9)

Catch the highlights with slow motion playback right in the palm of your hand (60fps).

This seems to be a cool all-rounder reference taking camera. Waterproof and slow-motion capability? That covers a lot of reference types. :)

But there are quite a few negative comments on Amazon. Does anybody out there have experience with this camera?

There is a 2nd Generation version out as well, slightly more expensive.


Hannah Addington said...

Hey JD this camera looks great, lots of good stuff on Vimeo about it. Here's a couple German guys that did a comparison. Maybe you can tell us what they're saying. :)
Seems like the Playsport is better for detail but the other one (Zi8) has better color.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

They were pretty funny. Didn't say much though, mostly goofing around, let the images speak for themselves. I like the slow-mo on it.

Thanks for the link!