Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rango impressions

As the release date inches closer, more and more impressions from people are trickling in and so far it's still very positive, which is very exciting! We're all very proud of this movie and dare I say, from a biased corner of course, that I liked the movie too (which is nice for a change, since I don't always like the movies we work on as a whole). :)

Can't wait to hear back from the audience and movie critics, but until then, I'll enjoy quotes like these:

... But possibly the biggest star of the movie is the animation itself, which is nothing short of stunning.

Really, there’s a whole lot to love about this movie. The voice-actors are top notch, the animation is superb, the character designs are stand-out, and its story is good old-fashioned western fun.

You can read the whole thing here, just note that there are spoilers!

And this podcast (at 51:15) is just crazy over the top in terms of being positive (although I disagree with their non-Rango comments). And language wise it's NSFW. :)

Oh, here's a not so positive review. Nope, it's not a cutesy movie, not every animated movie is just for kids. :)


Henk said...
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Henk said...

Looking forward to it, a LOT. And it`ll probably be really easy to get my non-animator friends to join me in the cinema for this one.