Thursday, September 16, 2010

You're going to Hollywood! - by Cameron Fielding

Please take a moment and read Cameron's post about his experiences of leaving his home country and the journey he took on in order to follow his dreams. The pieces of advice are great and recommended reading!

You're going to Hollywood!


Omar said...

Awesome read!
I follow his blog too, I can't believe I missed that post.
Cool to know you helped him out eh JD.

Hammy said...

He thanked you in the post!! :) You are so amazing to be helping great animators out there!! He totally deserved to be where he is now, his animation is so good.

What an amazing read, but gosh what tough road there are for foreigners.. :)

"It's a rocky road, tough road"

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I can't take that credit though, his reel is so good, he really didn't need any help, his skills did all the work. Too bad he couldn't stay on, he did great work.

Hammy said...

JD you are so humble it's amazing.. There's need to have more great people like you! Haha.

Anonymous said...

what can you tell us about contracts at the feature film shops? Cameron got hired on a 2 month contract and then a vague idea that maybe he'd get picked up again in 6 months. Is everyone on temporary contracts that expire every 6 months or so? Or can you climb high enough that you get employed and stay employed?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

@anonymous: I wouldn't know, sorry. That's all very specific to each new employee.

Herman Gonzales said...

Cam Fielding rocks..Really dig his Turok animation and has a great blog. I use his Shotview script, its the best.

Great to read about how people make it thru risks and hard work. Gives people trying, more energy to push more to reach their goals.