Monday, July 19, 2010

Spungella Animation Workshop updates

Hey everybody,

the Fall 2010 Workshops are going to start in about a month and a half. Payments and paperwork stuff starts in about 2 weeks, so during that time it's normal for people to ask to be on the waiting list, others cancel, some switch between Tuesdays and Thursdays, etc. etc.

So if you're interested, send me an email using signup (at) and let me know what workshop you'd like to join (Fall On-Site or Online or even next Spring).

The two On-Site Fall Workshops are full (but there's a waiting list just in case someone changes his/her mind), the Online Workshop has plenty of room left.

The Spring 2011 On-Site Workshop is pretty much full already, but as always, if there is continuing demand I'll open up a second workshop.

I also wanted to thank all the past, present and future animators who sign(ed) up for it!!! I'm really amazed that there is so much demand and how trusting you guys are even though most of you don't know me at all. I will continue to make it worthwhile and as always, if anybody has any comments, requests or questions, don't be shy, just let me know.


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