Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring 2010 SOS Workshop #1 is DONE!

Yesterday was a bittersweet last session, ending another SOS workshop. I've known most of the animators in that workshop since the AAU days and now after having graduated they are off, applying for jobs and getting awesome offers. I'm really proud of everybody and wish them nothing but the best!

Thanks for all those Tuesdays filled with laughter!!

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Hammy said...

Thanks JD for making every workshop session so awesome!! Even though I was busy half the time and was unable to be present often, I still enjoyed the times together!!

I will never forget that you are the MOST helpful and nicest animation teacher I have (outside school) ever. :) I'm going to miss everyone at the workshop too! All of you guys rock so much! It's been a great semester as well. Keep in touch!!

Bernie Warman said...


I always right a long comment saying how awesome SOS is and especially how amazing you are as mentor and person.
As usual, Ting writes it first.

So here it goes: - You are awesome!

Anyway, thank you for all the great advices and critiques. I have seen a lot of teachers and mentors out there, and I am proud to say that you are the best. Not because you are a great animator, but because we know you care for us.

Thank you :)

Lisa said...

AAWWwwwww T_____T; SNIFF!! wahhhh I'll miss you JD!!!!

i always RIGHT a long post too, as usual bernie and ting rights it first. :D

agrees with ting and bernie, you are awesome! favorite teacher... probably ever. i think i had you every year i was at the academy.. including my very first animation class! i sacckkkked....anyway, yes thank you for all of your great advice, about animation and about life... !


Shaofu Zhang said...

JD! Thank you for all the critiques, advice and inspiration!

I remember my first class with you at AAU and how you opened my eyes to animation. Your enthusiasm and honesty really had a lasting impression on me. I salute you sir!

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for everything!

.Louaye. said...


Once again, thank you for teaching and making this workshop so awesome.
Those Tuesday nights were a lot of fun. I'm going to miss sitting around a table with friends while learning and speaking animation.

See you in Fall.


Jing Qi said...

JD, thanks for everything like they said, espacially the encouragement u gave when I met the difficult. Too bad I missed the last session of workshop:( But I will see you in Fall :D

Thanks again.

Sonia said...

Thanks JD :)) This was my first workshop but I can already see a lot of difference in the way I think about animation. Thanks for the encouragement and guidance! I missed the last workshop's group photo :p But will be back in Summer and Fall!